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An informational website focused on the education, awareness and prevention of consumer fraud scams.

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Recognizing Fraud plays an important role in helping consumers get the information they need to be aware, informed and be confident to deal with fraud.

Consumers also have an important role to play in stopping fraud by arming themselves with the facts and reporting fraud when they encounter it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do if I have been the victim of fraud?

Immediately contact us, call us at 1-800-385-3316 to issue a report, you can also check our Consumer Resources section to obtain information and support from external resources.

How can I help prevent consumer fraud?

You can prevent consumer fraud by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you sending money to someone you met online offering a personal relationship in return for payment of travel expenses?
  • Are you sending money to receive a lottery prize or a promise of a large payout?
  • Are you sending money to receive merchandise on a website that has promised to send you goods after they have received money from you?
  • Are you sending money to someone you do not know or to someone whose identity you cannot verify?
Where do I file a fraud complaint?

In addition to the information provided on our website at, various government agencies and other organizations provide assistance to determine how best to report consumer scams. Other resources to assist in reporting consumer fraud can be found at Consumer Resources.

What are some of the most common consumer scams?

Scammers are smart and persuasive. They employ several types of scams or frauds to take advantage of people. Common types of scams include:

  • Check or Money Order Scam
  • Emergency Scam
  • Employment Scam
  • Elder Abuse
  • Online Purchase Scam
  • Prize Scam
  • Romance Scam
  • Tax Scam
  • Lottery Scam

For more detailed information, visit our Types of Fraud section on our website

How do scammers fool people?

Scammers take advantage of people by earning their trust, they are clever and very persuasive. Here are common scenarios to identify scammers:

  • Someone tells you’ve won a prize (and you don’t remember participate in a contest) and asks you to wire money to pay fees, taxes or customs.
  • Someone you don’t know asks you to wire money.
  • Someone asks you to deposit a check and send them back a portion of the money.
  • Someone pretends to be a friend or relative and calls in an emergency or crisis, asking you help to wire money.

If you identify any of this scenarios, be alert.